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Roads to Riches is a developmental company based at the University of Birmingham aiming to develop mobile technology for the recovery of platinum, palladium and rhodium from road dust, which is a global commodity.

Since 1993 it has been compulsory for all new cars sold within the E.U. to be fitted with an autocatalyst (autocat). These reduce the emission of harmful pollutants from vehicles by passing exhaust gases through a matrix coated with platinum, palladium and rhodium (collectively known as PGMs).

During use autocatalysts are physically stressed, releasing PGMs onto the road side. Our business aims to recover these metals from roadside dust, producing a metal rich concentrate that can be smelted to recover the PGMs, thereby generating revenue, reducing the impact of primary mining and preserving a finite natural resource.

We are currently developing and refining our technology and welcome enquiries from potential clients and partners.

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